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BelayHost can take care of your Email Server Spam & Virus Filtering for Mail Servers.

Solve your spam and virus filtering problems on your mail server without purchasing Expensive hardware or software. We do everything for you so you don’t have to worry about dealing with spam or viruses on your mail server.

The Features are as follows:
  • Spam Filtering
  • Email Anti-virus protection
  • No upfront costs, No contract terms
  • No new equipment needed
  • Reduce internet bandwidth used by your mail server
  • Reduce load on your mail server
  • User accessible Quarantine via a web interface
  • Emailed quarantine reports
  • Spam Level Control
  • Trusted Sender lists
  • Blocked Sender lists

How does it work?  Your email is directed initially to our filtering servers which quarantine the spam and viruses. Then only the good mail is sent to your server.

Mailboxes Monthly Pricing
1 to 9      $ 3/mailbox
10 to 14      $ 2.67/mailbox
15 to 49      $ 2.50/mailbox
50+      $ 2.25/mailbox
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